Cyclops raises $6.4M in seed funding to launch AI-powered cybersecurity search platform


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Cybersecurity startup Cyclops Security is making waves with its public launch today. They have unveiled a groundbreaking search platform designed to simplify the complex world of security data. The company has also secured $6.4 million in seed funding from prominent investors including CrowdStrike Falcon Fund, Insight Partners, Merlin Ventures, and Tal Ventures.

Founded in 2022 by cybersecurity veterans Eran Zilberman, Elay Gueta, and Biran Franco, Cyclops Security aims to revolutionize how security teams access and analyze their data. Their platform allows users to ask complex questions in plain English and receive actionable answers within minutes.


According to Cyclops Security CEO, Eran Zilberman, their platform can improve mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to response (MTTR) by 80%. By providing context, correlation, and risk validation for incidents and vulnerabilities, Cyclops empowers security teams to make better-informed decisions.

“We're a productivity tool that saves time for security operations centers and vulnerability teams. With Cyclops, you'll gain a better understanding of the full picture, context, and business impact of incidents or vulnerabilities,” Zilberman explained in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat.




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