Intel CEO: “We’re going to build AI into every platform we build”


Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger was incredibly optimistic about the future of AI during the company’s Q2 2023 earnings call, boldly stating that Intel plans to integrate AI into every product they create.

In the near future, Intel will release Meteor Lake, their first consumer chip with a built-in neural processor designed for machine learning tasks. (AMD recently followed suit, following in the footsteps of Apple and Qualcomm.)

Contrary to previous indications, it seems that Gelsinger believes AI will eventually be incorporated into all of Intel's products, not just their premium Ultra chips.

Gelsinger often emphasizes the “four superpowers” or “five superpowers” of technology companies, originally including AI and cloud. However, he now suggests that AI and cloud are not necessarily interconnected.


Today, you’re starting to see that people are going to the cloud and experimenting with ChatGPT to write research papers, which is pretty cool. Kids are even using it to simplify their homework. However, not every task can be done
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has recently announced the company’s ambitious plan to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into every platform they build. The news came during Krzanich’s keynote address at Intel’s annual investor meeting on May 12th.

During the keynote, Krzanich explained Intel’s vision for the future of AI, stating that their goal is to use AI in everything from PCs and servers to self-driving cars and smartphones. According to Krzanich, “We’re going to build AI into every platform we build.”

The company is already at the forefront of artificial intelligence development. Intel has a long history of investing in research and development, spanning over 20 years. In 2016, Intel acquired Nervana Systems, an AI startup, and it has since integrated its technologies and products into Intel’s own products. Intel has also invested heavily in machine learning technologies, and Krzanich highlighted Intel’s significant investments in AI at the investor meeting.

Intel’s commitment to AI comes as no surprise as the company is increasingly operating in a world that is becoming ever more reliant on machine learning and data-driven decision making. Intel’s plan to build AI into every platform they build will give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace, allowing the company to leverage the growing demand for machine learning capable technology.

Krzanich’s announcement is a clear signal that Intel is continuing to invest in research and development of AI, and that the company is committed to becoming a leader in artificial intelligence technology. With the announcement of this new initiative, Intel is well positioned to stay ahead of the curve in the future of AI.



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