Joshua Emmanuel Dingcong is a seasoned Web Developer and a Bachelor of Science Information Technology graduate. Over the past 11 years, he has honed his skills and expertise, with his professional journey primarily focused on the WordPress Industry and Web Development. He has developed a high level of proficiency in creating custom WordPress themes and plugins, demonstrating his mastery of programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and Bootstrap. Joshua also has extensive experience using frameworks like Laravel and Node, showcasing his versatility in the field. In addition to his development skills, Joshua has expertise in managing servers such as cPanel, SiteGround, WPMUDEV, and Cloudways, further expanding his technical repertoire. His adaptability and constant thirst for knowledge underscore his value as a versatile team player. In the context of AI, automation, and outsourcing, Joshua's comprehensive skill set in web development and server management could be instrumental in automating certain processes and delegating tasks to other team members or even AI technology.